Rethinking Europe from the bottom up: beyond the institutional approach

by Séverine Lenglet and Chiara Zannoni, Citizens For Europe, Berlin At the Allianz Summer Academy 2015, the participants exchanged ideas around the topic “Europe at a turning point: economic crisis, social disintegration, political change”. In their

United we stand, divided we fall: an economic explanation of why a divided Europe cannot overcome the crisis

by Eleonora Alabrese, Antonio Bosisio, Matteo Roberto Greco, Filippo Torricelli and Valeria Zurla student group at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Italo Colantone Abstract: Europe is at a turning point. The crisis that hit it

European identity at a turning point: alienation between the European Union and its citizens

Maria-Mercedes Hering, Donate Hindrichs, Anna Lena Hohmann, Julius Lang and Alexandra Ugrai student group at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Supervisor: Johanna Schmidt-Jevtic, M.A. Abstract: Over the past few years, the European Union has faced and needed to overcome the threat

EUth and EUnification: dynamism, drama and development

  Jonathan Liebman, Anna Mazarakis, Michelle Nedashkovskaya, Madeleine Planeix-Crocker and Jackson Salter student group at Princeton University Supervisor: Dr. Marzenna James Abstract: This article examines the role of youth—students and young professionals—in the European Union. The crippling financial