About Us

What is Open Citizenship?

Open Citizenship is a cutting-edge magazine and journal produced for and by people concerned with citizenship, political participation and migration in Europe.

What we focus on

Each edition focuses in on a different aspect of citizenship. Topics as diverse as European identity, urban citizenship and sustainability have been covered. You can find out more here.

What’s so special?

We break down the barriers of publishing, and bring together academic articles with profiles of activist movements. Top that off with interviews and editorial pieces and you’ve got a totally different kind of journal – one that’s not afraid to ask big questions and find the right way to answer them.

You’ll see one of these icons at the top of each article, which should identify what kind of piece it is:

Academic Article   Commentary   Interview   Movement Profile   Review

How we’re published

Open Citizenship publishes all articles in this magazine online. We also collect academic articles and publish them in a printed journal.

What can you do?

We encourage our readers to contribute and get involved any way they can: submit an essay, review or get involved in a movement.

Who we are

Open Citizenship is organised by Citizens For Europe (CFE), a Berlin based non-profit NGO. CFE promotes the development of a participatory and cfeinclusive European Union, and focuses on issues of citizenship, diversity, migration and political participation in the EU. Its transnational projects  include online voting platforms, local street campaigns, international conferences, academic research and publications as well as interactive workshops. You can find out more here

Some more history

Open Citizenship started out in 2010 primarily as a paper journal. It now produces work online, some of which will be collected into journal once we’re ready to publish it. You can discover the back catalogue of our journals here. All of our content is published on this website – so if you like the look of a particular journal, you can find it and all of its contents by browsing our categories.